New Products: The Crown Collection

We are so stoked to finally start getting our items on the Shelter Shop and into your homes. Since Shelter began we have focused on the commercial aspect of our business and while we have loved every minute of it we can see a missing piece and that piece is bringing items to you! We want to share our products with you and help to create spaces that you are proud to share with your family and friends. At Shelter our mission is to create products that are "Built to Better" and by that we mean we want to create items that are built responsibly and enviromentally friendly but it also means that we want to create items that better one's well being and create spaces that bring family, friends and communities together to create something truly special.

Our latest seating collection: The Crown Collection was designed for our Crown buildout. We wanted to create sleek chairs that felt industrial but modern at the same time. Together we were able to come up with 3 individual renditions. We are excited to offer two tall chairs in two different seat height options (kitchen counter height (24") and bar height (30"): The Crown Bar Chair- Upholstered Back and The Crown Bar Chair- Metal Back. We also created and designed a dining table height The Crown Chair to go with the collection. This trio worked seamlessly in The Crown and we feel like it could be the perfect match for your home too. To create a similar look as to what we accomplished in The Crown you can use the chairs at your dining table and the stools at you kitchen counter bar to have an overall consistent look.

We are excited to share these latest products with you and can promise you that this is only the beginning of our product line. We are on schedule to release more products over the coming weeks so stay tuned! Cheers.