Za Down By The Seashore - Angelina's

What did we do for Angelina's?

Angelina's was a great place for us to expand our designs out to the Oregon coast and to focus more on an exterior revamp, while still creating a smooth restaurant flow and interior design palette. To start the buildings exterior was run down and showing the wear and tear that the coast weather so easily does. We gave it new life by brightening it up, giving it some more body and bold structure, and adding some moody lighting and fire-pit flair to really make the location POP at night. We added light fixtures to every supporting canopy post and beefed up the old turned posts with a solid cedar-box wrap. New modern dividing fences were added to help differentiate Angelina's space from surrounding properties that had chaotic branding and messy areas.  Two natural gas fire-pit areas featuring our own custom corten steel pits were added and surrounded with reclaimed stumps for flexible and fun seating. The main monument sign that sits on HW101 also received a big branding and design makeover. A new corten steel foundation was added to give the sign a better visual footing and some added texture. All brick was painted out black to add to the modern farmhouse style flair of the building. For the interior we opened up the walls and allowed customers a grand view of the large custom Italian pizza oven, built many new tables, framed out a new bar space, and added a great new front facing garage door to allow the outside vibes in. 


Angelina's has been a long time pizzeria at the coast, but they were jammed into their old small location. We really wanted to give them a new space that boasted a fun and inviting ambiance where customers would feel at home in the space. SHELTER was born at the coast so when given the opportunity to help out a place we love so much, we did so without doubt. 

Favorite element.

Our favorite element(s) would have to be the outdoor firepit areas. Nothing feels better than enjoying a slice of pizza and a beer around a fire.

Things to look out for. 

You'll notice the front firepit area right away, but take a look around back for a great outdoor eating area warmed with another firepit and bistro lights. Also go to the back of the restaurant to view an amazing mural by a local seaside artist.

Favorite Pizza from Angelina’s

The Hot Topper - Pepperoni, Jalapeños, Pineapple

Where is Angelina’s located?

1815 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR 97138